Lugh's Spear

Lugh's Spear

The highest point of the heritage park is dedicated to ‘Lugh’, an Irish God of the distant past, whose large sculpted head and spear we see emerging from the hill side. In Irish and Celtic folklore Lugh (or Lú) is known as a High King or hero. 

As a young man Lugh went to Tara to join the court of King Nuada of the Tuatha Dé Danann but the doorkeeper would not let him pass unless he had a skill with which to serve the king. He offered his services as a wright (wood worker), a smith, a swordsman, a harpist, a poet, a sorcerer and a craftsman, but each time he was rejected as the Tuatha Dé Danann had someone already with that skill. But when Lugh asked if they had any one person with all those skills combined, the doorkeeper had to admit defeat. And so Lugh joined the court and led the clan in many adventures and heroic battles, some of which have historical relevance to the nearby Hill of Uisneach. 

Lugh’s fighting ability with his spear is depicted in the sculpture. The spear is created from an eighteen metre length of bog oak donated by the Robins Family, Ballinagarbry. The 4,000 year old piece of bog oak was unearthed in the locality in 2011. The copper tip of the spear and Lugh’s head were created by Belfast-born, Westmeath based sculptor and visual artist Patsy Preston. Patsy is the artistic director of the ‘Art in the Park’ initiative and also designed the popular Bird Hide by the turlough at the Amenity Park.


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